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AQ and AW reward scaling

To the Kabam Devs, I like how you are trying to freshen the game up. Some of the things you are trying to do are quality of life changes and I'd like to suggest one more.

If I can put another idea on your plate, how about scaling team member's rewards based on participation?

One of the worst things about the alliance is trying to recruit reliable players. Sometimes you just accept the love that you get because it beats searching for players.

Certainly, you can kick players as needed, but there comes a point when you just have to let it ride or you risk unravelling the alliance.

The team enters and tackles AQ and AW, but someone invariably does the heavy lifting. Then you have the guys that take down 2 nodes and that's it. There's no incentive to play more because the rewards are the same for every member. What if they weren't?

I'd certainly work a little harder if my contribution counted for something more personal. I might spend a few more revives if I'm a weak player, rather than slapping my hands together the moment I die and assuming I've done my part for this round.

It would be great to institute some competition within the group so that weak contributions reap less of the reward. However, do it in such a way that everyone isn't mad dashing down the center to take the boss down with all nodes up.

Hopefully, such a change would foster more honest players and end the cycle of kicking freeloaders.
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