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Seeking chill Map5 alliance with high Silver or Gold AW

Daily active player who doesn't need to be pinged to move.

West coast - Ca player
9750 Prestige

Line Id: Pechy73


  • Whytewulf42Whytewulf42 Posts: 7
    edited June 30
    Hit me up on line whytewulf42 we've been rebuilding looking for a few good players we run 2 bgs for war just in case usually run 55444 aq that way its easier for war interested hit me up oh we are silver 1
  • BriceMiesterBriceMiester Posts: 262
    Were looking to replace a number of people who have either retired, gone solo or just not putting in the same effort as the rest when AQ drops, we run map 5/5/5 gold 3 atm, there are 3 requirements and they're all posted on our alliance page let me know if your interested my line is BriceMiester
  • Billotch13Billotch13 Posts: 14
    Hit me up on Line - swaggydaddyo. We have 2 slots we need to fill. Fun, diverse group of dudes... super chill and very active.
  • JeezusJeezus Posts: 92
    If you’re still looking
    Alliance Name: Jeezus N’ Pals
    Tag: 5AY10
    Time zone: mostly North America, couple Asia and a couple European
    AQ Maps: 554
    # AQ BGs: 3
    AQ Score: 120 mil+
    AQ Prestige: 7274
    AQ Ranking: 3893
    War Tier: 13
    War Bracket: Silver 1
    War Rating: 1355
    # War BGs: 3
    Looking for: 3 preferably uncollected or better
    Language: English
    LineID: nevertrustahippy
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