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Radical new AW

Hey people, i read a lot of times that the goal behind all those AW map changes and tactics and stuff were to "wide" our rosters, but how it could be possible if you just can put 5 defenders... and how could be possible if you only can carry three champs to attack...
It was very appreciated when the champs available were around ¿80?
But now, with the double number of champs it sounds funny and makes illogical to have more than 6 or 7 defenders.
I guess is time to ask for a map that could let us place 10 defenders each, and the possibility to bring 4 attackers. So we can play a little more around synergies for attacker.
It must change the timer setup too, but i heard that indeed it is comming.
Nobody want to stamp all your champs in a impossible node. And feels like **** when you revive a lot in the same node, just to make a couple of hits before die. The ideal is to feel that you are moving, no matter if you lose a couple of guys but you know you can revive, heal and continue.
So, my suggestion is to take your time, read carefully (I'm a very bad writer in english, lol, sorry) and make all the good suggestions that you can think to transform this idea in a viable map for 2021.
Beside this i have another suggestions, like the possibility to buy energy to move, something like 1 energy by 100 units, allowing more options to boosters usage . And the possibility to add some ramdon extra bonus nodes equal for both alliances with champs placed by kabam, that can unlock things or points for the bg, making it more funny, for example, killing the boss opens a portal to kill another champ that gives shards. Could be the monthly new champ.
I hope you enjoy reading if and if you dislike, no problem, just say that you disagre and be respectful with my time to write it.
My best regards and hopes to keep playing this game for a long time.


  • HipocerosHipoceros Posts: 88
    With more nodes and defenders kabam can tune down some nodes. And let us enjoy almost every figth
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