Daily Cavalier Crystal Bundle Luck

HieitakuHieitaku Posts: 678 ★★★
So being the last day of the month and all, I just thought of getting the mutant cavalier bundle from the units store, and maybe getting lucky on a 5* mutant champ. Got a Namor I've wanted to be awakened for a while now.

I let it spin out and when the notifications count at the top left of my screen didn't change, I thought I got another max sig crystal from a 3 or 4*. Oh well. Extra shards. Then it slowed and stopped and I got this:


Any other month, I'd be so glad I got a 6* from a cav crystal. But it's Mags. He's got a buff coming. Couldn't be more excited. 😄

Have an awesome day and cheers 🍻


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