Why AQ potions and AQ revive are still expensive?

bloodyCainbloodyCain Posts: 780 ★★★
Based on the current meta, the generic alliance potion and alliance revive just do not match.
Most of us are using 5* and 6* in AQ.
Ain't it about time to increase their values?
Also, for F2P, there is not a lot of places to get alliance revive (technically TEAM alliance revive) i.e. once a week in glory store and once a week from Summoner Advancement rewards.
(Please let me know other places to get these)
Why is it still so rare to obtain?
I just don't understand the stinginess.

Sometimes you just don't feel at your peak performance in the 5-days AQ and you slip up, it can cost your champs to die. Especially when you play map 6 and 7.
Then, you will notice how frustrating it is to see your team alliance revive ain't that much, now you gotta "try" to stay focus in AQ and not to die even again.

Also, is there a plan to put the NEW, SPECIFIC AQ revive and potions into glory store? Those are only available for units which is hurt to see.

Let me know your thoughts about this.
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