Alliance Quest Season 7 Midseason Update


While we work towards making some big changes in Alliance Quests, which you can read about in our Dev Diary about Quests, we’re also making some more immediate changes in our Alliance Quest mid-season update!

From a new tier of Modifiers and an Honor rewards update, to Mini Boss refreshes and Map changes, here’s everything that’s coming your way on July 12th.

Miniboss Changes and Updates

Dr Doom will maintain his place as the final boss of Alliance Quests, but the minibosses along the way are getting a refresh!

Map 2:
Hela and Cull Obsidian are out, Namor will be joined by Colossus and Old Man Logan as possible Minibosses!

  • Enhanced Special 1: Special 1 deals 30% more damage and the first melee hit or instant projectile hit, such as that from a beam or psychic blast, is Unblockable. Projectiles with flight time, such as an arrow or rock, are not Unblockable.
  • Heavy-Handed: The Defender's Special Damage increased based on Armor.
Old Man Logan
  • Recovery: Healing and Regeneration abilities recover 50% more Health.
  • Enhanced Bleed: Bleed abilities are 40% more effective.
Map 3
Say goodbye to Proxima Midnight and Gamora, and hello to Elsa Bloodstone and Hulkbuster, who will join Squirrel Girl as the Map 3 Minibosses.

  • Special 2 Bias: This defender is less likely to activate Special Attack 1.
  • Heavy-Handed: The Defender's Special Damage increased based on Armor.

Elsa Bloodstone
  • Armor: The Defender gains +45% Armor Rating from the start of the fight
  • Enhanced Energy Attacks: Energy Attacks inflict 40% more damage.

Map 4:
Man-Thing and Moleman join Silver Surfer as Minibosses, replacing Corvus Glaive and Ronin.

  • Enhanced Special 1: Special 1 deals 30% more damage and the first melee hit or instant projectile hit, such as that from a beam or psychic blast, is Unblockable. Projectiles with flight time, such as an arrow or rock, are not Unblockable.
  • Special 1 Bias: This defender is more likely to activate Special Attack 1.
  • Prey on the Weak - 5: The Defender gains 8% of their Max Power each time a Buff is Nullified, expires, or is removed off the Attacker.
  • Burden of Might: The Attacker's Power Gained by striking or being struck by their opponent is reduced by 15% for each Buff currently active on them. Additionally each time a Buff activates on them for any reason, they lose 25% of their Max Power.
Mole Man
  • Boost Buff (Unstoppable) 2: The Defender's Unstoppable Buffs gain {50}% duration and Ability Accuracy. While an Unstoppable Buff is active, the Defender fights more aggressively.
  • Aggression Precision: Every 2 seconds, the Defender gains a Precision passive increasing Critical Hit Rating by 25% per stack. When the Defender is struck, remove a stack.
  • Strike Back: When the Defender is damaged by a Special Attack, they gain 1 bar of Power.
Map 5:
Guillotine 2099 takes Red Skulls place as a Miniboss here, alongside Human Torch and Mr Fantastic.

Guillotine 2099
Combo Up - 3: Every 0.2 second(s), the Defender's Combo Meter increases by 1, if the Attacker performs an intercept this timer is paused for 15 seconds.
Combo Shield: The Defender's Combo can never reset
Soft Guard - 3: Each Blocked attack reduces Block Proficiency by 6%, up to a maximum of 80% reduction.

Map 6:
Invisible Woman and the Human Torch welcome Vision (Aarkus) as a new Miniboss, and say goodbye to Symbiote Supreme.

Vision (Aarkus)
  • Personal Space: While the Attacker is close to the Defender, the Defender gains a Fury Buff every 3 seconds, increasing their attack by 10% permanently. Staying far away from the Defender causes these Fury effects to gradually fall off.
  • Arc Overload 2.0: Every 20 seconds, the Defender gains Armor Up (+25%) and Regen (25% of Base HP) each lasting for 6 seconds.
  • Aspect of Genesis: Once per fight, when this Defender drops below 15% Health, they Regenerate 24% Health over 6 seconds and nearby Attackers Degenerate or Regenerate the inverse amount.
Map 7:
Annihilus and Thing welcome Sasquatch, a newcomer to the Contest, as the 3rd Miniboss, replacing Omega Red. Thing also gets an update to his Miniboss Buffs to reward skilled play, and not just require 1 or 2 Champions to beat him.

  • Delayed Reaction: Whenever the Defending Sasquatch is knocked down his chance to enter Wrath of Tanaraq is reduced by a flat 10% until at max stacks of Rage.
  • Power Snack 1: Every 7 seconds the next Buff triggered by the Attacker is immediately Nullified. Each time this effect triggers, the Defender gains {25}% of a bar of power.
  • Backup Recovery - 1: When brought below 50% Health the Defender gains a burst of 20% Power. If a reduction to Ability Accuracy prevents this, the Defender instead recovers 15% Max Health.
  • Unblockable: All the Defender's Special Attacks are Unblockable.
  • Enhanced Special 1: Special 1 deals 30% more damage and the first melee hit or instant projectile hit, such as that from a beam or psychic blast, is Unblockable. Projectiles with flight time, such as an arrow or rock, are not Unblockable.
  • Kinetic Transference - 3: Blocked attacks cause the Defender to gain 10% Power. If the Blocked attack dealt 0 damage, the amount of Power gained is doubled.
  • Footloose: After activating a Special Attack, the Defender becomes Unstoppable and has a 25% chance to Evade incoming attacks for 7 seconds.
  • Do Not Go Gentle: The Attacker gains 1 charge for every 5 hits in their combo meter. When the Defender receives damage from any source that would knock them out and the Attacker has 1 or more charges, a charge is consumed instead and the Attacker receives damage equal to the Defenders attack. If the Attacker Intercepts the Defenders Attack, 2 charges are removed with no penalty. Landing a Heavy Attack also removes up to 1 charge with no penalty.

Map Updates:

A couple of map updates are also coming your way!
  • Map 5 AI has been updated to be less passive, and match the AI of encounters on Maps 6 and 7.
  • Magneto (Map 7, All or Nothing node) has had Energize toned down from 200% to 100%.

Epic Modifiers

For those Alliances that have mastered Map 6, but are not ready to move on, or want to challenge the limits of the difficulty of Map 7, we’re introducing 5 new Epic Modifiers that you can use if your Alliance wishes!
  • Power to Cower: For every hit on the Attacker's Combo Meter, the Defender's Power Gain is increased by 1.5% and their Special Attack Cost is decreased by -1.5%, up to 75% each. When the Attacker uses Special Attack 3, their Combo Meter is reset.
  • Iso-Infused: +50% Attack and Health
  • Cascading Failure: Critical Hits against the Defender trigger a timer for 2 second(s). While this timer is active, additional Critical Hits inflict Debuffs on the Attacker in the order of Heal Block, Armor Break, Weakness, Exhaustion, and then Passive Degeneration, each for 4 second(s), and refresh the timer and Debuffs.
  • Iso-Infused: +50% Attack and Health
  • Turn the Tide: One of the Attacker's Special Attacks is randomly chosen at the start of the fight. The chosen Special Attack rotates every 10 second(s), or when the Attacker ends a Combo with an Attack that didn't end their previous combo. The Attacker's Special Attacks suffer -100% Ability Accuracy and -90% Weakness, unless it is the chosen Special Attack.
  • Iso-Infused: +50% Attack and Health
  • So Sayeth Doom: If the Attacker is not #FantasticFour, 2 of the following action(s) are randomly chosen every 17 second(s): Intercept the Defender, Debuff the Defender, use a Special Attack, and Dodge an Attack. [d31e15ff]Cross-Fight:[-] Failure to perform the actions in time will Debuff the Attacker for the next 3 fight(s). The Debuffs are inflicted in the order of: Heal Block, Armor Break, Weakness, Fatigue, and Concussion.
  • Iso-Infused: +50% Attack and Health
  • Parry Curse: Whenever the Attacker Stuns the Defender, the duration of their future Stun Debuffs is reduced by 25%, to a maximum of 100% for the next 3 fight(s). This will not re-trigger during those 3 fight(s).
  • Iso-Infused: +50% Attack and Health
Here are the updated values for Alliance Quest Modifiers, including Epic Modifiers.

Honor Rewards Update

These new Modifiers will allow Alliances to obtain more points than ever before, which means more milestones!

Epic Modifiers will also add more Bonus Points to your Alliance’s AQ Score

Alliance Quest Changes

As mentioned in our Dev Diary: Amping Up Alliances post, we are making the following changes to Alliance Quests:

Energy Cap increase - We’re increasing the Alliance Quest Energy cap from 5 to 6.
Starting energy Increase - We’re increasing the starting amount of Alliance Quest Energy from 3 to 4 globally.
Energy Timers Decrease - We are going to decrease the refresh timer for Alliance Quest Energy from 1 hour to 45 minutes.

Get Ready!

All of these changes go live on July 12th! Prepare your Alliances!
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