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LF 5x5 & No AW

LF 5x5 active alliance that finishes (100%) early.

No AW and minimum requirements.

Please reply with ally name & tag.


  • CourtbearCourtbear Posts: 45
    We are a chill alliance, just AQ map participation for completion and Line are our requirements —20mil ally, 140mil baseline hit each AQ series (2700 Glory), optional 2bg AW. 5x5 / 55444 / 4x5. Have 4x5 or 55444 spot opening soon
    Uncollected/350k min
    Line ID: Courtbear
    PM if interested
  • silentagsilentag Posts: 126
    edited June 30
    We run 5x5 with modifiers, hitting 225-235m each week. We had been full war in prior seasons but are looking at 1-2 bg war for this upcoming season.
    Ally name: Night Wolves
    Ally tag: THORE
    My line id: silentag
    Hope to hear from you!
  • StewburnerStewburner Posts: 12
    I found an alliance.

    Thank you for responding to my ad.
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