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Recruiting for UK-based Silver 1/2 Alliance

Good evening

[UK F] UK Force are looking for active summoners who will contribute in both AW and AQ.

Our Alliance Prestige is 7,257 and our Average Member Rating is 702,795.

We run 2 BG’s in AW and our most recent rankings are:

Season 18: Silver 2
Season 17: Silver 2
Season 16: Silver 1
Season 15: Silver 2
Season 14: Silver 1

We run 2 BG’s in AQ (Map 4 and Map 2) and consistently achieve between 40m and 50m points.

We aspire to return to running 3 BG’s in AQ, and we aspire to achieving a minimum of Gold 3 in AW, but we need just a few more good active summoners.

We don’t require Line and we’re relatively chilled, but we’re not a retirement alliance and we will kick leachers.

Come check us out. If we appear to be full, please contact leadership to inquire about joining, as we’re currently undergoing some churn based on performance/contribution.

Thank you!


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