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Looking for Players to Join New Alliance

I created an alliance a few days ago and have really struggled to recruit players. I have only recruited one player so far. I have made a discord server for the alliance, join the server if you want to join the alliance: https://discord.gg/PEZHmTk
Do not join if you are looking for an alliance that does higher tier maps. I'm probably going to start with map 1 to get a feel for how the alliance quests work.


  • ChikelChikel Posts: 13
    I think you should start with Map 2 and 3. Only players a month old or less should be playing map 1. Anyone without experience and R2/3 4* or maxed out decent 3* can play Map 2.
    I played Map 3 well with r4 4*
  • Wupper12Wupper12 Posts: 3
    Ok, I've never really done an AQ before so I wasn't sure how the scaling worked.
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