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Fun & Active Alliance - Looking for New People!

War - Silver 3
Quest - Map 4 / Map 3
Line App ID: NapkinThief

We're a chill group of adults that actively enjoy playing MCOC casually. Starting next season we're requiring all members to use Line (currently about 10-15 members) and are seeking people interested in actively participating in AQ and AW.

Ideally we're looking for people that are at least 100k and preferably Uncollected, as we're hoping to run 3 Battle Groups for AQ and AW consistently, and start pushing harder content.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to have fun - we all get along and enjoy hanging out. We've got members in all time zones across the U.S., so there's usually someone on to run Incursions with or just chat. Hit me up on Line if you're interested!
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