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Epic Modifier: Parry Curse Problem

tafretafre Posts: 341 ★★★
The epic modifiers seem fine EXCEPT the Parry Curse one. That one seems horrible. It sounds like you will need to play the whole map stun immune which endorses stuff that you guys consider "Not fun". There are probably other interactions but the first one that comes into my mind is this: Who are we going to use against the Mesmerise/Prove Yourself Mephisto with that modifier? The Map7 rebalances are not happening until August so this means the entire Mesmerize path will be problematic. Nothing that Corvus cannot handle with Proxima and playing stun immune entirely but who is going to take that Mephisto? Other than Void getting the right evade countering debuffs, Emma Frost and full Quakestyle and hitting him only when stunned I cannot think of a counter that can handle that fight. I would seriously ask you to reconsider releasing this modifier since I seriously doubt anybody has tested it against all the interactions in m7.

This node is the total opposite of everything people are asking for. You said you would be looking into why ppl are using "Non fun methods" while doing AQ. Nodes/modifiers like these is the reason why. I can assure you that doing this with what you guys consider as "not a fun way" feels much more enjoyable and feasible than any other way.
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