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2018 Champions and Quests

So we know the first 120 champions are already set and ready to go. The final champions should be the December two.

Anywho, some thoughy into the quests that are using going on and i came up with a few scenarios and champions to suit...
Let me know what you think.

We want to start big so i figured ot would be a good time to roll the X-Men quest back around,bl bringing Mystique and Professor X to the contest.
Professor X could be lookong for his X-Men team (Iceman, Jean Grey etc.) and asks the Summoner to aid him in his search and rescue.
Mystique would be trying to lure Xavier into a trap of sorts...

Mystiques SP1 could be basic hand-to-hand and SP2 could be she transforms into her opponent and uses thier ability on them.
(If facing herself she just does a generic middle strike)
Professor X attacks would not be physical but more like physical strikes in the form of his telepathic powers trying to harm peoples minds.

Picking up where the Guardians left off seems like a good idea, bringing Adam Warlock and Nova to the game.
The Guardians could be looking to bag the galaxies most wanted and get the aid of the summoner to bring Adam Warlock down.

With the Punisher, Jake Gallows gone a hole has been created in the form of 2099.
Another Secret Empire Forver questline would be a good filler and epic for those who like story telling.
Part 1 could bring Red Skull, trying to sway his power over the Hydra Captain America rocking his green and gold armor.

Part 2 of this Captain America gone evil story, M.O.D.O.K and Captain America (Falcon or Barnes)
This paves the way for Captian America to 'die' in the contest so he can come back in 2019 as Nomad and sets up another costume for either Falcon or Winter Soldier and adds M.O.D.O.K to the villains who could attack similarly to Professor X with less physical attack and more like electronic shocks attacking the opponents.

Getting back in tune with the InHumans, move to the conflict between NuHumans and InHumans with Quake and Black Bolt spearheading against each other.
This would bring, Gorgon and Yo-Yo Rodrigues to the contest.

Bringing a part 2 the years opening X-Men, this could be the villains side with Mister Sinister and Apocalypse fighting thier classic freedom of evils.
This could even see Jean Gray finally added to the game too.

With Edge of Venomverse waging on, 2018 could see some symbiote come through.
With the Venom trying to take control of everyone, with a quest where instead of symboids, we get specialized venomized versions of all current characters to fight...
This could see Toxin and Anti-Venom come to stop the Venom... or aid him...

Might swap this and June around...
Deadpool 2, this will make it more likely to see either Deadpools other variants like FoolKiller and Domino enter the contest.

The Fantasti Four part 1.
Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman.
2019 would see Human Torch, Thing, Dr Doom, Quicksilver, Galactus, Human Torch (Original)

A war of overpowered madness as two god tier powers collide in an unstoppable force that only accelerates as neither of them can handle thier powers...
Graviton and Korvac
Two very powerful and overlooked Avenger level villains.

The Defenders are back in full swing as they try to knock down the Kingpin and several other Criminals.
This could see Jessica Jones and White Tiger added to the game. Not massive but a decent filler.

Squirrel Girl and Stan Lee.
Why not?
Adding these two would create a team dynamic of pure comedy when mixed with Gwenpool and Howard the Duck...

So tell me what tou think, i can handle criticism so go nuts. Haters...
**** OFF.
Anyone else, please sit, read, comment.
I know i missed some good peolple and with next years MCU lineup, im not sure where some of these will fit but i think next year is a great chance for some of these champions.
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