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Looking for an ally, 10.3k PI

I'm a NA endgame player with some time on his hands. Gimme a heads up if you have some space for me to join your ally! IGN is the same as forum name. Discord is preferred. Have run lots of map 6 and higher tier wars. 10.3K PI and 843k hero rating.


  • thenation222thenation222 Posts: 21
    Hey bud, you still looking for an ally?
  • SupasixSupasix Posts: 48

    We could use a member such as yourself 6x5 mods all week and g1 war supasix98 kine id
  • Arsenal33Arsenal33 Posts: 52
    We were top 150 but you would need to use line
  • JeverwJeverw Posts: 68
    We run a fairly active, but not burnout level map 5/6 alliance, top 800 AQ, 270-290Mil. A week G1/G2 tier 6 alliance. If this sounds like your preference, send top champs to Jeverw in line app.
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