Day of Portugal, Camões, and the Portuguese Communities (10 June)



  • Sundance_2099Sundance_2099 Posts: 1,130 ★★★
    ItsDamien said:

    NCB_pt said:

    While I respect your emotion, it'll be a bit irrational celebrating every country which has a player base for this game.

    I mean, you throw in the UK, India, Australia, Spain, you get the point. Too many days bud. Gotta stay content with what we're getting
    And to justify US and Canada getting their own lil celebrations

    US - where marvel comics (and the whole brand) was founded
    Canada - Kabam headquarters

    China - I can't completely justify it by citing the population of people celebrating lunar new year, (because then countries like India with similar population also celebrate, say independence) but hey free gifts!

    Idk about other places, but We in Europe just won't accept this North America behaviours, of just celebrate North Americans days. This is international game!
    I guess being British I'm still allowed to say I'm from the continent of Europe.
    Until Boris and the Brexiteers managed to get out a bunch of diggers under the sea and sever our geological link to the European continental shelf, we're European.
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    As a Hispanic American, I could careless what kabam celebrates and puts deal towards to others not. I just play the game to have fun and you should too. Who cares if they celebrate 4th of July. Who cares if they cater to the chinese community. It’s just a game, that is played by over 85 million people.

    As guys said above you can’t cater to every country cuz then the events would get stale. You cater to 1.) where the comics were created 2.) where your biggest community is from and spends 3.) where you are head quartered.

    Canada day was probably chosen because of the alpha team and they probably chose to launch it in this time since there were no marvel shows, movies or big comic releases slated.
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