AWar is a joke and the new node boosts are worthless

WrongswordWrongsword Posts: 39
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AWar was supposed to be the reason why I cared about ranking my champs and getting more powerful to help my alliance. Now it just feels like a chore. The new map is far easier than the last one, we went from actually working to get boss kills to now both sides will just get 100% all the time. Can someone explain to me why I'm supposed to care about 6* champs now that my 4*s just breeze through AWar?

The new nodes do nothing to promote "diversity" among defenders, they are too weak to be relevant so the same defenders are still the only good ones that do automatic damage (Magik, Dormammu, Iceman, etc). Taking out auto damage nodes like thorns is fine but there are plenty of ways to make fights more difficult without that. Stun immune, All or Nothing, more unblockable special nodes would be a good start but there's a lot more potential. What about nodes that made defenders unstoppable periodically, or a node that made their heavy attacks faster and they were more likely to heavy. Maybe then Quake would have a place on defense? I mean why can't Kabam at least try to be creative with these and make interesting fights, instead its just the same **** as before but easier.

Anyway there are a lot of ways to make this map challenging, make multiple defenders useful, and make me want to improve my roster to keep up. This current map fails on all those counts. The only difficult thing is Magik on the boss node, which is boring as hell at this point.
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