Android Download Difficulties? Read This!

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Hey everyone!

We've been seeing a lot of posts with questions from players who are having additional game data download upon opening the app, so we wanted to provide a bit more information about how to avoid difficulties with our new download feature.

Once you've installed the base game, you will have a secondary download that includes additional game data. If you see a warning pop-up about Cellular Data, it's only to recommend that you use WiFi instead.

In the event that you're seeing this extra download every time you log back into the game, you'll want to verify the following:

- Are you deleting your App Data or Cache for MCoC , in attempt to fix this problem or other problems?
- Do you use any 3rd party applications, in attempt to increase performance or free up storage space on your device, such as "Clean Master" , "CCleaner" etc?
- Do you use an "Optimize Now" or "Fix Now" option on your device, in attempt to increase performance or free up storage space?

If you're in the habit of doing any of these things, you will want to discontinue using such apps or deleting App Data. This action is causing you to have to download the game all over again. Some of these cleaners or optimizers allow you to exclude specific apps, so you'll want to exclude Contest of Champions if possible.

If you are still seeing the additional download every single time you log in, please let us know your Device type and OS version. We'd also like to know the total size of the app on your device before you launch the game, and after the additional download is complete.

We hope this information helps!
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