I’m using aegon for rol and have a question

Deadlygamer98Deadlygamer98 Posts: 741 ★★★
I’m about to go against juggernaut, does 100%- defensive ability accuracy mean no unstoppable for juggernaut?


  • Thicco_ModeThicco_Mode Posts: 8,802 ★★★★★
    according to Mike, juggs unstoppable is neither offensive, nor defensive
  • Patchie93Patchie93 Posts: 1,896 ★★★★
    It won't stop the unstoppable.
  • walkerdogwalkerdog Posts: 655 ★★★
    About the only thing I've seen stop it are slows, AAR, fate seals, and staggers, and variants of those things (such as CAIW nullifying it, I think it is).
  • King_Leo321King_Leo321 Posts: 1,211 ★★★
    Aegon can only reduce defensive abilitiy accuracy when hitting with critical hits. Juggernaut activates unstoppable when he uses Specials and you cannot hit him during Specials.
  • HendrossHendross Posts: 813 ★★★
    Juggs will still be unstoppable. A minor inconvenience for the 1-arm wonder.
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 6,747 ★★★★★
    You can still parry him while unstoppable so it’s really not that bad.
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 10,788 ★★★★★
    Offensive or defencive both don’t stop his unstoppable since it isn’t triggered by either champ’s hits
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