Retired from Top 15 team end of last AQ season, need home

Recently retired from the grueling pace of a top team, looking for a slower pace but still chance at t4cc biweekly.

5k Prestige
Deep 4* roster, lots of duped 5*
Working on LOL run
(SS of roster upon request)

-Not spending.
-I am US EST time zone.
-AQ 5x5 please, no map 6. (Assign me a lane to run, not looking for a free for all.)
-I hate AW, I will place heroes on def and run back up lanes on attack but I will not use items.
-I do not run arenas.
-Daily play time : less than 4 hours. I have real world stuff to attend to!
-I have LINE, I don't get chatty or really use it at all. Just give me updates, keep the drama.
(Line: BadWolf202)

Looking for the right fit for an alliance or not play until I find it.
The game has changed drastically since I first started two years ago, just want to play and have fun.


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