Which incursion crystal?

pete8388pete8388 Posts: 142 ★★
I just got my 16th 5 star champion that I can finally buy an incursion crystal. I would really like warlock or bwcv, but was wondering which to choose to target first since I only have enough for one. I do have more mystic T4CC to rank up bwcv fast, but roster doesn’t have any much immunity or utility that warlock could provide. I know I’m not likely to actually pull either, but this does seem like the best way to target a specific champ.

Which incursion crystal? 13 votes

Choose crystal with warlock
MysterioXdSpoodermanxDSpideyFunkoJohnyBoySuperiorSymbioteMathgeekUnassignedtesterPrincenayarwAgent_22Red_GuardianCrcrcrc 11 votes
Choose crystal with bwcv
Dnegrin6969 1 vote
M_Master19 1 vote


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