5* symboite supreme worth ranking up?

Hi I have an unawakened 5* R2 seems good against certain champs. Is he worth ranking up? I do have an awakening gem and SIGs but saving for a champ who benefits being awakened more. He has low health but as a defender he is good against most champs some champs not so. I'm currently aiming to do act4 100% as completed all chapters. I also have a 4* doom I could rank up instead should I rank him instead or both if I can at some point.

Synergy wise for SS I have Dr strange 4* R3 venom 4* R2 and Spidey 4* R3.
I also have mystic dispersion level 1



  • CiciliatoCiciliato Posts: 301
    Yes. He's very solid against buff champions, act 4 and 5 have plenty of then. He highly benefits from mystic dispersion and deep wounds if you can invest on it later. No need to use an awakening gem
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