Idea for next possible AQ boss

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Hey guys, I've been thinking, aq bosses are quite often a villainous beings with very interesting statuses within the marvel universe so why not introduce this new champ and have him be boss. I'm talking about Malekith, and have his minions be dark elves. Like members of their own species Malekith and dark elves can be type mystic (because of their magic capabilities) or cosmic because not only do they come from the cosmos, but because Malekith possesses the Casket of Ancient Winters. They like their comic book counterparts can have a healing factor but a particular weakness to #metal champs (you know cause of their weakness to iron). Because Malekith has the Casket of Ancient Winters, he can inflict frostbite, and him and other dark elves can be immune to poison(bc they're immune to human toxins). Maybe make Malekith go through different phases, like power gain, increased attack rating, etc cause of their magical capacities. He's be an interesting aq boss...


  • XXGhost_RiderXXXXGhost_RiderXX Posts: 171
    Grammar correction:
    *He'd be an interesting boss
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    The problem is the AQ bosses are always champions that have been out a while. Malekith is unlikely to show unless he, for some reason, makes a sudden cinematic appearance, as the direction MCoC is taking outside film tie-ins is most definitely Galactus. Thus, I would expect the Heralds to be possible next AQ bosses, or perhaps Apocalypse if he shows his head.
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