Arena lock out

I have been grinding the arena for AA but now locked out of it due to claiming aw rewards i had put up over 3 mill already &would have been on 4 mill easily by the end of the night!! Now i feel i will not get the cahmp i desired & my time will have been wasted as i have doubled the milestones already, not happy!!


  • OzzziieOzzziie Posts: 35
    At least your at 3 mil. I'm just getting off work and was going to hit the arena. Only at 2.1 mil, so I need the time to do it.
  • I am on just shy of 3.2, so would easily be 4 - 4.5 tonight 3 or 4 tomorrow nearly done. A free AA is in order for this i have tried doing a quest to be able to get back in nothing.
  • We will get a couple of revives items that arent that great , those that havent taken part in aw or not opened the rewards will get an easy AA diabolical!!
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