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Warning Messages

Is there anyway to get the warning messages back ?, like when you use a arena boost , when you place champions on war etc


  • SyrionSyrion Posts: 64
    I would also like to know this... accidentally removed warning for "low health"
  • Lil_RamsicLil_Ramsic Posts: 10
    I'd like to know also, any help with this?
  • WOKWOK Posts: 468 ★★
    I could be mistaken, but if the player preferences for some of the game mode is saved locally(device memory) and not externally(kabam servers), just a cache delete or uninstall/reinstall might bring back that default warning msg. Worth a shot I suppose if you dont mind sitting through the download time. I would go with the latter, because just deleting the games cache will still require you to sit through the larger portion of data download anyhow. GL
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