AQ Focused Alliance seeks 2 members for Maps 4-5

What we need: Strong, active players from US/Canada/UK able to handle map 5 but willing to do map 4 if needed. Line is required.

Who we are: Active alliance focused on AQ though we also do wars regularly (they are optional - we are Silver 2 currently). We run 3 different maps due to the diversity in level/skill within the alliance - 5x5, 4x5, 33332. At the moment, we are hoping to move group 2 to doing map 5 for part of the week in the near future. We are currently scoring over 100 million each week in AQ and hope to continue to progress. We meet all milestones in daily alliance events and almost always reach rank rewards in the 3 day alliance events. Everyone is friendly and helpful. We all get along pretty well and try to stay away from drama.

If you're interested or would like to know more, hit me up on Line - JJHCSH.


  • HellCat07HellCat07 Posts: 48
    Still looking for 2+ to join us at the end of this run of AQ. Add me on Line if interested.
  • HellCat07HellCat07 Posts: 48
    Still looking. Add JJHCSH if interested.
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