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Counter for Abyss Invisible Woman? other than NickF & Aegon

MaxLeeMaxLee Posts: 161
edited July 2020 in General Discussion
Hi Guys, I am selecting my team for Abyss first run. Already confirmed spots are 5* Aegon R5 sig 200, 6* SymSupreme R2, 5* Void Sig 165 & Heimdall just need one more champ. I know Aegon can take out IW but need one more back up counter for IW. below are my top champs from my roster..

Counter for Abyss Invisible Woman? other than NickF & Aegon 19 votes

6* Corvus R2 ..can also pitch in with other fights also like IMIW, HTD & Collector
DragonMCOCPřìņče01LucianoDelHoyaRed_Guardian 4 votes
5* Stealth Suit SM R5..mainly for IW back up
Lvernon15Kill_GreyEtjamaKing_Leo321TP33SpideyFunkoThanks_D19Shenk 8 votes
5* Captain America infinity war R5 Sig 200
CaptainGameodishika123 2 votes
5* Blade R5 Sig 140..Can pitch in for mephisto and mordo fight
Doctor_Strange19 1 vote
6* Ghost R2
Slayerzz 1 vote
5* Guillotine 2099 R5 sig 50..Can pitch in for omega fight
5* Sintinel R5 sig 20
5* Hyperion R5 Sig 55
xNigMidnite93M_Master19 3 votes


  • xNigxNig Posts: 5,630 ★★★★★
    edited July 2020
    5* Hyperion R5 Sig 55
    Took her down on my recent run with HT. Keep WP on, and block her specials. You’ll eventually get to 80-90 smoulders and burn her down.

    (Full health HT took her down to 20ish% in the first fight.)

    With regards to your options, Hyp might be a good choice. I’m not 100% sure though.
  • King_Leo321King_Leo321 Posts: 1,211 ★★★
    5* Stealth Suit SM R5..mainly for IW back up
    Stealthy would be the last best option I'll pick for IW. Venom with Suicides is great against IW with Suicides and Max deep wounds mastery who does solid work, plus he does increase bleed damage against Hero champions. Don't forget his hevaies can break armor that means you don't even have to worry about getting stun from power sting, since you will not be throwing specials that means you also take power sting damage.

    Another option I say is Elsa Bloodstone. Her damage is very good, plus she can place alot of debuffs as well that means no stun and power sting damage. Suicides will help you alot and throw any specials, just like venom tactic.

    But if you don't have any of these then I will recommend Stealthy. He also have very good damage, plus I think he cannot miss as well. He can apply debuffs that means no chance of getting stunned, you will only be throwing special with him after getting that precision from sp1. So basically again I prefer Suicides with him as well.

    Now depends on your roster choose any of these if you don't have Nick or Aegon.
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