Guess what Kabam? Flow attack tactic is wrong.

Your attack tactic specifically reads as "...Heavy Attack reduces the potency of the Defender's Power Gain effects by 35%..." BUT when you use a heavy attack by a #Control attacker, the passive power reversal that gets placed specifies "combat power rate" on screen.

I really have so many questions, but I'm not going to specify them. I just want to point out to you that in your own game that power gain effects and combat power rate are the exact opposite functions of gaining power. Advertising the attack tactic that way and not actually receiving that benefit is deceitful and has likely cost many players plenty of items and other resources like units.

This needs to be corrected to function AS DESCRIBED. No fixing the description to match the way that it works now, because reducing combat power rate means nothing when facing that large of a passive power gain.

You just recently clarified the descriptions of other power gaining nodes to specify between effects, buffs, and combat power, so it's really difficult to understand why this was such an oversight.
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