AQ 2 weeks ago?

DaphboyDaphboy Posts: 427 ★★
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I’m not usually one to clamor for compensation, but at the very least can we get the tickets that went to waste because of your shoddy servers? I’m not even expecting the whole week worth of tickets despite the fact your shortcoming cost overall rewards. Really don’t feel like that’s unreasonable and can’t understand why it has not been done yet.


  • DaphboyDaphboy Posts: 427 ★★
    Curious as to why someone would think my expectation is unreasonable. Not asking for potions, not asking for glory or any sort of rewards, I just want the tickets returned. Those tickets “paid” for 24hrs in aq. Since the time was decreased, the cost we paid should be refunded or at least partially refunded as well. I know it’s only 45 units worth for the one day, but still, that’s a revive, or an energy refill, or a lvl 5 health pot, or another day in aq that went to complete waste.
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