Looking for alliance 10,419 prestige

Looking for
AQ Map 6x5 3Bgs with modifiers, never done map 7 but will give it a shot
AW Plat 3-4 3Bgs
Timezone is GMT+10 (I’m from Australia if that helps) would prefer Aus/Nz alliance but if not then we will try and work around it
Line ID: Trentos9


  • Trentos9Trentos9 Posts: 26
    Still looking
  • Billotch13Billotch13 Posts: 63
    if you are still looking, add me on Line swaggydaddyo and let's chat! We are currently only running 5/5/4 but we are rebuilding (I took over about a month ago and we barely made 50M, now we clear 100M). I know it's not the level you are looking for, but we have a great group guys from around the world (1 guy from Aus and couple others from your general timezone) and we are moving in the right direction. Cheers!
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