2015, the year it all began. (not a novella)

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I remember when I 1st got into this game, mid 2015 I saw the words "marvel" and "of", instantly grabbing my attention so I downloaded the game. I got hooked when I saw how easy it was to play and how easy it was to get good champions! (in my eyes, good champions were 'omg is that iron man!!1!?') Funny enough, I really did think Iron Man was OP when I saw his healing...
You can call me an "og" because I was here before act 4 even got added, but I didn't make my account until 2017 (if i remember correctly) and took a lot of breaks (lazy me). Also unrelated, but I remember thinking I was a genius using rank down tickets on Kamala Khan... then ranking her up again because it cost less gold to rank them back up, so I thought I was beating the system and earning gold out of her. Do I even count as an og with mistakes like those and the fact I didn't play throughout it's whole history, who knows? Here's some proof, since I didn't log on during the Anniversary week thus making me ineligible for the titles.

Back then, I thought I was too strong to use stupid boosts and just powered through, how naive I was...
I know the Ghost Rider quest was in 2016, but it's my only thing to hold on to from those times (that and my champions).
When did you guys get hooked to this game, and when did you make your account? Or was I the only one dumb enough to wait years before doing so?


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    I remember about 2 or 3 months after I started playing, there was an item use event where they gave out a whole bunch of free 2 and 3* Netflix daredevils. There was also a quest when agent venom was released where they just had a really stacked agent venom as a punchbag to get used to his abilities
    Edit: I think this was around September 2015
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    Started playing because I saw Stealthy and Mysterio. Got both of them as three stars in arena, was super happy.
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    I Remember these boost. Back when it was a simpler time
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    Started playing because I saw Stealthy and Mysterio. Got both of them as three stars in arena, was super happy.

    i thought Colossus was better than Thing.

    Benched my four star domino in favor of 2 star Winter Soldier.

    Never read abilities.

    Didn’t actually learn to parry until i was halfway through Act 4.

    Brought in class disadvantage to big boss fights.

    i also thought when Seatin said get Uncollected every month that meant you had to beat the collector every month.
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    I started in the beginning of 2017, stopped playing in mid-2018 (the month before Ghost dammit), and returned in April of this year.
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    Some family members and I downloaded it and would brag when we got a 3* BP or Electro from the daily crystal. Then I made a kabam account or we changed some setting in the family game center thing and so mine ate their accounts 🙃 needless to say, I’m the only one still playing lol
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    I actually have no idea what made me download the game. Knowing me, it was probably just boredom and loneliness. I made an account in 2018, in the middle of the month which had Blade as the login champ (I remember this detail because I later realised Blade was op and I eventually never got him as any star until a few months ago). Got yellow jacket as my first 4* out of a phc and was super happy back then. (in fact I used to think those things guarantee 4 stars) Around August - September I kinda started getting burned out due to being in a rather competitive alliance. It was "an important school year" at that time and 5.2.4 drained the life out of me. So I quit in the month which had emma frost and symb supreme as the featured crystal (i dumped all my units because I never thought I'd come Back and I had pulled both of them as 4*)

    Fast forward 2020, February. I was bored preparing for my chemistry finals so I randomly redownloaded the game. Pulled some new champs I didn't know much of like warlock and doom. The sometimes epic luck I get and the drive to explore act 5 still keeping me going. Being in a casual alliance helps cause I don't have to feel burdened by a video game. Ok this is too long nobody is reading this sike bye
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    I started about a month after the game came out. It was one of the first mobile games I ever played. I ignored masteries, and sold all the bad champs. I was 9 at the time. I stopped played for a while, saw a seatin video and started again 2 years later. I got dexterity and beat act 4 with less than 100,000 total rating and didn’t master parry until 5.1.3. The game had changed so much when I started playing it again!
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    Aayush19 said:

    I came back from school one afternoon, and my elder brother, who too was a school student back then, in 2015 showed me this cool new mobile game called "champions" as his friends told him. I was so hyped that "we" got wolverine as the first champ, and he could regenerate lost health! How amazing!
    "we" used to spend really scanty time playing this game, and spent a frightfully long time to complete and explore act 1.

    "we" couldn't figure out there can be a 5 hit combo at all! All that could be done were two mediums and it would end! We lost so many fights trying to hit a 3rd medium. We had no 3*s. No 4*s. (funny right? These days people get 5 4*s within 24 hours kf their playing. Lol) Brutal DLX completed ROL and we were given a crystal, and out of that, came our first 3*!!! Og Captain america! Such a fanboy moment! And man, his sp3 was marvellous! None in act 2 (lol) could survive him! Then came kang, and we were in the assumption, that if we beat kang, collector would wrap him up, possibly pack him in a crystal, and hand him over to us(afterall, there were people who had a 4* kang!!) (later we got to know they were kabam employees. Lol)

    We joined a super friendly alliance, and got our first 4*,og miss marvel! Drop dead gorgeous! Such a powerful hitter! Then it was magik, her limbo was called rewind then,and it was pretty lretty fun! Next? Juggernaut. Oh noo! Another mystic?! (yes, thats how we viewed champs back then. By class.) it continued. While we were close to thanos, act 4 was released, and so were 5*s! Remember, just 12 of them in the crystal? And everyone wanted a starlord! Lol! I got winter soldier none the less. There was a massive change to willpower, and we were refunded around 1100-1200 units, with which, we maxed willpower (made up the very thing kabam swore to destroy). I even remember asking people to gift me a t3cc because it was too difficult to fight for it! When we finally discovered how to do a 5 hit combo, things became so much easier. And 5 hit combos were the key to the difficult fights! Yes things are messed up in order, but you figure out the struggle and anticipation. Lol.

    Now, 6 years later, my brother is working as an engineer. I'm a univ student. I still play with his account, he does too, seldom though. The account was dormant for 3-4 years. I started playing again this year, and made some serious development in skills, and progressed.
    This game, is definitely not for 12-13 year olds. The abilities, are difficult to understand and master. If you're finding it difficult, its okay. Take your time and you'll reach there.

    I had a very similar experience, just that it was my younger brother who showed me the game. We used to play arena and thought 2* blackbolt was one of the best champs in the game. My first 3 star was iron man and 4 star was magneto, both on the same day. My bother was at school that day and I couldn’t wait to tell him. I remember my first AQ where I went straight to the mini boss and tried to fight him noded without knowing what a node was. The alliance I was in at the time (still exists today at the same level) got invited to beta test the first AW ever. For the first 2 weeks we had an advantage over others as those extra wars meant we started in tier 1 and got those juicy 4* shards. Still remember those wolverines on the debuff immune miniboss who could regen crazy numbers at a time. Then some joined the alliance and dropped a link in the alliance chat to an online mastery guide. I had a read through and it was revolutionary. Within weeks I had outgrown the alliance and moved on. This was all before act 4.4 was released. I stopped playing about 2 years later, only to return 2 months ago. Thinking back, it’s amazing to see how the game has evolved over time and can’t imagine what there is to come.
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    I started this game January 15th 2015, played for about 5 months then took a couple year break. I’m pretty sure I started again about 1.5 years ago.
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    Started the game, sold all but one of each class. Sold 3 star ghost in favor of three star mysterio. Got aegon from my first 5 star after beating act 2. Thought act 3.4.6 was very difficult. And became uncollected today!
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