Training Arena

Dear Kabam.

May I suggest you to make an arena for nodes training. Meaning, player will bring a set of champions in his/her party and may select 1 or more nodes with a certain champion as opponent to be used in battle in order to get familiar with and the effect on the current champion selected.. Lots of player are not getting used with certain champion which placed on certain node in new season 19 alliance war.. Moreover with a limited number of energy supplied also 5 duel credit daily is not enough, people may get boring of what to do next when they get finished with.

I hope we can see this on the next update. Maybe you can make this option limited to monthly pass access such as Summoner Sigil..


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    Should we get a training arena? Yes.
    Should it be paywalled? Heck no.

    What kind of idea is that?
  • Hey guys, a similar suggestion was made HERE. If you would like to discuss this topic further, please do so in that thread. Thanks!
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