Chitonous Thorns, Corvus Glaive vs. Colossus

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NODE 32, COLOSSUS, Boost Buff Armor Up 3, Chitonous Thorns, Enhanced Armor Up.

How is this even possible? 61 stacks of bleed damage. 61!!!!
And the most interesting part - Corvus Glaive takes damage from it, and not simply takes damage over time from bleed, he receives instant damage, every hit takes 25-30 percent of health from me.

Question 1: How is that possible if Corvus Glaive CANNOT take bleed damage while he has his glaive charges active?
Question 2: Why is there SO MANY stacks of bleed damage?
Question 3: Even considering that Corvus is taking damage from this node, why is that damage INSTANT, and not OVER TIME? Chitonous Thorns node says that Atacker is inflicted with bleed debuff dealing 50% of defenders attack over 5 seconds. But there is NO 5 SECONDS - I'm taking much bigger amount of damage INSTANTLY.

P. S. I have no Willpower, so it cannot be Regen reverse from Colossus using masteries.


  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,527 ★★★★★
    The instant dot is damage from deep wounds, the bleed stacks are stupidly high because every time you hit him you get a bleed for every armour he has, as for the damage over time they can’t be doing any because you’d be at 1%, the passive bleed from deep wounds will land since he’s only immune to damage from bleed debuffs
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