Terrax tune up/update & Silver Surfer tune up/update - suggestion

i love the design, moveset and playstyle of surfer and terrax. they have quit similar playstyles, both heralds use their sp1s and sp3s to ramp up and sp2s for damage. both are buff dependant, losing all damage without their buffs and both have "immunities". terrax does need something added for his offense though. terraxs main purpose seems to be AW defense and that he does well it seems. not having encountered him in AW yet myself i cant really comment, but apparently without the right counter he is quit the wall to overcome.

so terraxs main damage in offense comes from his rockfield and the huge atk gain while its active combined with the armor breaks. from what i ve figured the best way to play him after he is ramped up: get him to sp3, armor break and use the stun to immediatly end rockfield with heavy so you can sp2 sooner. keep armor break up with 4th light attack. sweet spot for his damage: AI should have least amount of power and you should have almost 3 bars so you can be as close and as aggressiv as possible while rockfield is active. here you can either end rockfield earlier with a heavy and do less passive and heavy damage but activate a sp2 sooner or you can keep rockfield up until you run out of power to do more passive damage and try to do more damage with heavy and it takes more time/hits to get back up to sp3.

the playstyle and mechanic is fun. but preparing terrax for his sweet spot is frustrating while you do almost no visible damage the first two fights and during the fight getting to your specials for what in the end is a really short window where he hits hard. as soon as you get to higher content that window of damage shrinks: having to evade unblockables or other debuffs causing specials and getting further away from your opponent loses passive damage as well as armor breaks making the indestructable charges useless cause the power runs out. power gain champs and nodes and many other nodes and scenarios make him become a bleed and shock immune potato. his heavy, except the one after sp3 because of the stun becomes a useless gamble in most cases. you are either further away, ready to parry and lose passive damage and power, or the AI just launched a special you had to evade, creating too much distance losing valuable rockfield time or its altogether stun/debuff immune.

Update heavy attack: when starting to charge a heavy gain a 1sec long unstoppable and unblockable buff while rockfield is active. this i believe is a really necessary change that suits the class and doesnt change anything/much in defense if its duration is long enough to land but short enough to punish. it would make the heavy more reliable in utilising its effect and damage, giving you more control over your power meter and rockfield.

i understand the necessity of balance and would be content with this change. however as a big fan of the heralds of galactus since the annihilation storyline i have one more suggestion to broaden their niche uses. as heralds of galactus wielding the power cosmic;
terrax: add to awakened ability 10-15% (lvl1-200) energy ressistence per cosmic charge/ no effect against mystics
surfer: add to awakend ability 50% energy ressistence per armor up buff/ no effect against mystics

and just because a man can dream i ll throw something huge in there for surfer: change the duration of the cooldown his power cosmic buff needs to 6secs and change the secret defenders synergie to make his buffs passive effects ;)

ps. i hope airwalker has energie ressistance and is a tech champ with an ability similar to karnak that gets rid of his disadvantage against the superior class.
pps: appologise in advance for creating more threads
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