Please create an account page for us to access

Hi all,
I have downloaded, installed and enjoyed marvel champions in 2015.

Stopped playing for 3-4years or so. The original download was on iOS and now tried to play on android without success.

iOS doesn't have option to create Kabam id and when trying to link to an account, it says account already linked, resets the progress and have to log out of Kabam to get my progress back.

It is has to be logged out of Kabam for my level 31 profile to comeback.

Tried to ask for the account just created to be deleted, email address from which am sending the request from, support team says the verification has failed.

I am not sure that because of VPN it was showing me on another country.

I understand that you are trying to protect our accounts, but why not have an account page for us to access or resend email using our game name for those who can't remember which country where they when the account was created?

That's another point, you can download the game and at some random point create a Kabam account without you ever sending an email confirmation email that the account was created! Why??

Now every time I ask for help, support sends me a template email and never helps work towards a solution.

There needs to be a better way of doing this and I ask that you please consider it because the process is frustrating.

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