About the gold fiasco...

Okay I know it was fixed already (at least to most players, I think) but anyone thinks that this gold fiasco is somehow divine justice?

Karma is a **** really. We all know new AW is somehow indirect cash grab no matter what excuses they say and what better justice but to have this gold bug. Money for kabam, gold for us players.

I don't hate but somehow it feels good to have Kabam stumble and be back on the ground from time to time. I hope they rethink their changes to be more player-oriented or maybe to have more balance between business and service, or else maybe more of these "justices" will come. Who knows?.



  • Midknight007Midknight007 Posts: 725 ★★★
    Um.... we have 12.0, 6*, issues with changes to parry/block, and now 5* punisher not being available in the first 3 weeks of uncollected arena crystals... They haven't learned for over a year and a half... I doubt they learned anything this time.

    Quality of their content seems to be a huge issue, and it has not been improving. Despite player's complaints, Kabam has shown little care as to their opinions. They closed threads on dissatisfaction on the new AW, never really commented on the 6* complaints... the only time we got any real back and forth was when 12.0 came out and the player base boycotted.

    Not saying we should, but pointing out that it seems the only thing Kabam cares about is the profits. All else comes second, even player's opinions.
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