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Which spider is better to rank up?

I have a spider classic 5* and spider starky 4*,both duped. I am not 100% sure should i bring 5* to r3 or 4* to r5. Any suggestions???


  • WOKWOK Posts: 468 ★★
    I also have a 5* duped classic I took to 3/45 and he's pretty awesome, and I don't have firsthand experience with the Stark enhanced, but from what I've read and heard from a handful of ally members, he's supposed to be even better. Just my personal choice regardless of who's better or not, I'd 5/50 the SE spidey for the fact that then he'd be maxed and I'd no longer have to consider him as a choice for upgrading in the future and can focus on another worthy champ. Also I just dont like how difficult it is to max out a 5* let alone even get them to rank 4. Objectively speaking though, I dont think there's a wrong choice in your situation. Congrats!
  • Sky_kittySky_kitty Posts: 245
    It is really hard to r4 5*.i am collecting last needed t4cc for last 2 months for my magik.it is soooo frustrating.i also need 1 cosmic to r4 drax. Spider classic is better in defence but i think starky is better in attack.i love them both much so i have much trouble deciding what to do. Thank u for answer
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