4 star nebula or civil warrior

Mohit_7Mohit_7 Posts: 85
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Which champion should I rank up

4 star nebula or civil warrior 14 votes

4*Civil warrior
Etaki_LirakoiMagrailothosTheMageHunterAwesomeKyloRenwarung73 5 votes
4* Nebula
Whododo872Fireballs5JohnmaharajaStar_Lord_1Pheonix1Mohit_7Bumsy_BumTheHoodedDormammuLabib 9 votes


  • NormanBJJNormanBJJ Posts: 302 ★★
  • 4*Civil warrior
    I'd say save for a better guy. If you want to, goo for cw. 4 star cw is better than nebula by a long shot. He can heal block, power drain, and power lock. And he's super tanky.
  • Mohit_7Mohit_7 Posts: 85
    4* Nebula
    Why 4*civil warrior
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