Who to r4

manan_44manan_44 Posts: 654 ★★★
Title applies to 5 stars mentioned below.

Who to r4 34 votes

Invisible Woman Unduped
AleorCiciliatoHiu3bossJDubsMΛDMUNKDhruvshah 6 votes
IMIW Unduped
Alex13369KaspYTShtickRicklIPowerIlRaveNNEtjamaArsozBonzodavid_ReefCornflake04JohnyBoySashankSuperiorSymbioteXguard77Mercury79Aayush19MuffinBrainmanan_44Azenstarodishika123 28 votes


  • Mercury79Mercury79 Posts: 544 ★★
    IMIW Unduped
    Prefer imiw my main champ is he....I also have r4 5* and he took me to act 6...just understand his gameplay and it become your fev champ in the game...
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