AQ focused map 3/4 ally looking for active players

Hi everyone!
We are currently looking for people willing to invest themselves in building a good place to play and have fun in a stress free alliance.

What we do offer is :

- AQ focus. We currently run 2 Battlegrounds with Map3 and Master Modifiers. We aim to bring it to 3 Battlegrounds and mix it up Map 3 & 4
- 1950 Glory weekly. This will scale up once we run 3 BGs in AQ
- AW optional. 1 Battleground. We are currently rank 700 on Bronze 1 and with all probability will end up in Silver 3. AW could scale to 2 BGs if enough people join.
- No communication apps needed. We expect people to join assigned BGs and be clever enough to follow a path that they can handle and it’s not already taken.

What are we looking for is :

- +300k rating players or Prestige over 6K
- Players active daily when AQ is up
- No drama
- Heads up before going offline for more than 2 days. We understand that this is a game and we all have a life outside it. But if you go missing without notice that’s not cool at all and leaves officers with no other choice other than the boot.

By the time I’m writing this, we are 13 members. A couple of more are on the way once AQ is over. We already have some big guns, so if you think you could fit in check us out.
Alliance tag: OBV88
Alliance name: Oblivion
IG name: Slevin73



  • Slevin73Slevin73 Posts: 78
    16 members now. A couple more to try and run 3 BGs in AQ
  • Slevin73Slevin73 Posts: 78
    Update: Running 3 BGs in AQ. The more we are the merrier!
  • Slevin73Slevin73 Posts: 78
    18 members waiting for you to be the next one to join. Check us out
  • Slevin73Slevin73 Posts: 78
    21 members waiting for you. Check us out!
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