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The Hood rank 4 choice

I want to rank 4 my The Hood for 6.2.6 The Champion Boss but I don't know which to do. Also if I use the gem then I can also rank 4 Human Torch.

The Hood rank 4 choice 7 votes

With resources
With 3-4 Mystic Gem
PantherusNZGogeta91199CiciliatoRockypantherxPřìņče01FlashSpideyCaptain_H 7 votes


  • PantherusNZPantherusNZ Posts: 888 ★★★
    With 3-4 Mystic Gem
    He's a great champion but you have to be very aggressive to keep up his staggers which is the whole point of using him v Champion.

    If you have a gem though, go ahead - unless you're prepared to wait for Sym Supreme, Claire Voyant, or Doom.
  • CiciliatoCiciliato Posts: 301
    With 3-4 Mystic Gem
    Only use your catalysts over rank up gems if they're expiring
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