CAIW or Sunspot to R5?

MephistoMephisto Posts: 390 ★★
Whom should i take to R5/65 for Act 6 completion and overall usage?

CAIW or Sunspot to R5? 49 votes

CAIW (Sig 85)
MagicBentonadqqedfyvrSamuel030sOnmixHammerbro_64Raymundo86Repto23ReferenceGoddessIliasAleorCiciliatoKnightNvrEndingDenzel116Scrubkiller_1KRANꓘHedronThicco_ModeFlappy_Ninja64BonzodavidPřìņče01 39 votes
Sunspot (Sig 30)
F4k3_GaM3rSiddhantKwatraJyotishkaSarvanga1_RenaxqqCaptainGameŘïdđhįmodishika123laxthe 9 votes
Unduped *6 ÆGON to R2
TZYZ 1 vote


  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 7,246 ★★★★★
    CAIW (Sig 85)
    For sure. Much more utility and great for like 90% of anything really.
  • GOTGGOTG Posts: 779 ★★★
    CAIW (Sig 85)
    The only good thing about Sunspot is he hits like a truck.
  • MephistoMephisto Posts: 390 ★★
    I'll get 30 sig stones from SA Calender, so CAIW will be at 115 sig.
  • PolygonPolygon Posts: 1,842 ★★★★
    I use to tell myself Sunspot was r5 worthy cause the perfect block would come useful for many situations, but cap iw has that perfect block, damage, while still having more utility
  • MephistoMephisto Posts: 390 ★★
    Can anyone explain me CAIW's Sp3? Attack increases with diff class on your team?
    And i have noticed, that his Sp2 hardly crits. Any suggestions on his Sp3 rotation?
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