Change Flow and Stubborn into...

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1. Tank (replace stubborn):

#defensive champions gain +100% health. This is reduced to 50% on the boss node.

Tank offensive tactic:

#defensive champions gain doubled critical rating and critical damage rating.

Explanation: it would change the meta and introduce champions that do longer sustained over time damage like Ægon, Guillotine 2099 rather than Burst champions like Havok, CMM etc.

The offensive tactic would mean that champions gain a crit boost and thus have more reliable access to the double or so damage granted by crits. Balancing.

2. Drain (Replace flow)

When fighting against # control defenders if attacker lands a critical hit they gain a passive power drain, draining 10% of max power over 10 seconds.

Drain Offensive tactic

When #control attackers are power drained place a passive degeneration on the defender lasting 10 seconds. This degeneration deals damage based on the power drained and the attackers attack numbers. Here’s how

Multiply the %age of power drained by 2
That %age of of attack is dealt back.

10% power drain. 20% of attack
50% power drain. 100% of attack.

Explanation: this would fix flow making it less based on eating L3s and based on the inability to spam special attacks. Shift the meta away from special reliant champions like Dr Doom and Havok and give champions like Archangel and Omega Red.

Hope this is interesting.


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    They wont listen, all they care bout is ruining the game and with AW they did just that ruined the freaking game
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