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Who to R5? Too many options...

Been sitting on a ton of resources can can take a five star R4 or R3 to R5. They’ll join my R5 Doc Voodoo and Cap IW. The question is who to choose? All options are duped with mid to high sig levels.

Who to R5? Too many options... 27 votes

Nick Fury - R4 (Sig partners are four star except Iron Man)
SiddhantKwatraOsfan8OzFearUspseudosaneFire_MarineMoosetiptronicCharlie_SceneK3600Xguard77Aayush19Chase524 11 votes
Havok - R4
Kill_GreyDalian_elijah1 2 votes
Domino - R4 (Sig partners are all four star)
RotellyVishFlappy_Ninja64IryseHusain_b128 5 votes
Ghost Rider - R4
Magik - R4
Ghost - R4 (Sig partners are four star except AntMan)
Lvernon15ZombieZeddjkcjmijiThicco_ModeDretlleChikelŘïdđhįmYeetusTheFoetusTjay22 9 votes
Hawkeye - R4
Ultron (CW) - R3
Invisible Woman - R3
Namor - R3


  • Chase524Chase524 Posts: 5
    Nick Fury - R4 (Sig partners are four star except Iron Man)
    NF is a really good choice here, of the top choices he's the easiest to use and his synergy with himself gives a nice bump to the whole teams attack. I used NF to get through a lot of content and he's still a go to for me personally.
  • ChikelChikel Posts: 1,536 ★★★★
    Ghost - R4 (Sig partners are four star except AntMan)
    I was torn between Ghost and NF but I choose Ghost because of her utility and massive damage. Being able to tank sp3, have attacks miss and give you power is just too handy. And she simply does more damage than Nick fury without relying on debuffs. In a debuff immune fight, NF will struggle while Ghost will simply blitz through
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,478 ★★★★★
    Ghost - R4 (Sig partners are four star except AntMan)
    It’s between ghost and nick, if you can play ghost well she’s my pick, and she can also carry hard in act 6
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