iPad Mini and iOS Users

Hey all, is there anyone else who uses iPad Mini 5 for this game? I’ve been experiencing slight lags during fights and although they rarely happen, it’s kinda annoying since I bought this device for this game. Also, when I pause the fight and resume afterwards, a slight lag happens (like a FPS drop) for a second. This happens every time that I pause and resume, no exception at all. Do you experience this issue? Thank you for your responses in advance.


  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,585 ★★★★★
    Yeah I’ve been having the occasional mid fight screen freeze lasting a couple seconds on my 2019 model iPad as well
  • StopNTakeStopNTake Posts: 50
    I see thank you. It's really annoying to see how it lags even in the new iOS devices.
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