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Thank you Kabam seriously you saved me from....

WayntosWayntos Posts: 506 ★★
Where to begin this tale? We won't start from the very beginning but here is a insert. When i first started playing the game I told my wife" I won't spend money on this game" now scroll forward to the last two days. I made to 6.1.6 trying to figure out what path to take, I finally got it down and last night with two champs left I made it to the boss. After a lengthy battle and 5 revives used only 7 units left. Guess what I got destroyed.... had the Sentinel to 50% piss at the world toss the phone and saying a few choice words. I said out loud "I'm going to have to purchase some deals/units". Then my wife broke in the old so "mister I'm not going to spend money, how you like that crow!!!" . Just making me a little more angry took a couple deep breaths did a few things around the house, thought to myself I guess I'll grind some arena get battle chips trying get some units, its going to be a long night. Wanting to get Caviler before new calendar!!! I go back to the game and the KABAM gods smiled upon me with compensation, thinking to myself someone at Kabam loves me! After 3 more revives from the compensation I became Caviler!!! Yoohoo Thanks you Kabam for not making me eat crow.!!!


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