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Some questions about Sabretooth's ramp up

DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 680 ★★★
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Hello to all my sabretooth enthousiasts out there.
I was lucky enough to land in the 45th place for the sasquatch 4 star featured arena to get my nice synergy.
I am planning on running LOL with Sabretooth and had some questions about his ramp up.

What I can find is there are a couple major ways Sabretooth can get his furies, and they all vary in the amount his attack increase.
- via combo 524.5 attack rating
- via sp2 314.7 attack rating
- via sp3 944.1 attack rating
- via synergy when fighting a mutant. +15% attack rating

My question is, when these furies get converted to permanent furies, do they keep their individual values, or does it change into a base value.
So for example, if I build up against Old man Logan, does the permanent fury that I convert via the synergy stay a +15% attack rating. So I could in theory do this 5 times to get +75% attack rating via my permanent furies?

If the answer to the above is yes, which of the furies would be best to ramp up to 30 furies?



  • DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 680 ★★★
    I did find an old post that partially answers my questions.
    So I know the temporary buffs dictate the value of permanent buffs.

    Is the sp3 still the strongest.

    And would it be advantages when building up, to end a find with a 10 hit combo fury, sp3 fury and mutant fury. Or is the mutant fury less potent than his normal furies.

    I ask this to determine of I want to bring magneto or another champ that can help me in fights Sabretooth (me) might struggle with.
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