Android Crashing Bug AFTER the new update(Not aq)

MuffinBrainMuffinBrain Posts: 518 ★★★
In game name: MuffinBrain
Device: Nexus 7
Device OS: 6.0.1 (I believe)
Cellular or Wifi: Wifi, Verizon
Game Version: Newest version
Game Mode: I can't even get into the game.
Issue: Trys to download the new update then freezes for a second. Blacks out and Kicks me out of the app.

Please give us a timezone in which you will fix this issue. I don't want to lose out on the great compensation(Nice Job Kabam) and the 5 boss rushs. Please fix this issue before the new event comes.


  • Bolt_3Bolt_3 Posts: 32
    stop complaining and get a better device.
  • MuffinBrainMuffinBrain Posts: 518 ★★★
    @Bolt_3 It worked fine when I didn't update but thanks for Bumping this :)
  • GrumpyGrumpy Posts: 182
    It’s not just android iOS is having the same issues
  • MuffinBrainMuffinBrain Posts: 518 ★★★
    Update: Its now update 28.0(I believe) and I updated. Still has the same problem.
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