Darkhawk not applying shock in Null mode and sp1

Using a sig 200 5/65 Darkhawk in 6.2.1 on the mutant path. After using an sp3 to go into Null mode, I hit Sabretooth a few times and noticed he’s not applying the instant shocks. On the next fight I recorded fighting Onega Red I had the same issue. I used an sp1 in null mode to see if it would apply a shock debuff. It was inflicted but was not dealing any damage. I am 100% sure this is a bug.


  • That's interesting ...
    Looks like Life Cycle is considering his shocks to be debuffs, when they are not.

    Also, next time try to post any suspicion of a bug or issue on the correct category for it: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/categories/bug
  • Reverend_RuckusReverend_Ruckus Posts: 278 ★★
    I’d also like to mention in the fight with omega red I placed a shock debuff on him when he’s around 4% health and it’s not ticking down
  • BendyBendy Posts: 925 ★★★
    As will o wisp said it seems like life cycle is making the direct damage of null mode as if it was a debuff and the shock on omega wont damage due to the node of lifecycle defo seems like a bug with null mode direct damage dealing nothing
  • Hey there, would you be able to share the full video of this fight? If you can upload the video somewhere like youtube, you can share it here.
  • Reverend_RuckusReverend_Ruckus Posts: 278 ★★
    @Kabam Zibiit here you go
  • Thanks! We'll pass the video along to the rest of the team to look at.
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