Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman Tune-up

I enjoy playing with both Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman quite a bit but I think these few changes would really help improve their effectiveness...

Mister Fantastic:
1. If a heavy attack is used after the fourth light attack in a combo, the opponent will falter for 1 second. (This will make it less stressful to keep up debuffs and keep his gameplay smoother)(Similar to Wasp and Doctor Doom)
2. Increase range of his heavy attack. (He is supposed to stretch)
3. Make his special attacks unblockable regardless if his pre-fight abilities are used or not. (Currently the unblockable specials are only useful for defense which sucks)
4. Apply the Full Fantastic Four synergy affect to his base kit and maybe double the DOT to 8% for the synergy. (Void does not need three other people on the team to deal his DOT)

Invisible Woman:
1. Reduce the maximum vulnerability debuffs from 50 to 25, but double the potency of each debuff. (This will make for an easier and less stressful ramp-up)(Similar to Captain Marvel)
2. Make it so when she uses a parry she will stay paused (invisible) 100% of the time. Change her Full Fantastic Four synergy to maybe give her a safety shield that would activate 1 time a fight when she would be caused to unpause and instead it gives her 3 seconds of invulnerability to unpause when the opponent misses. (Her current synergy in the Full Fantastic Four is unreliable because it is 85% instead of 100% and this would give a a safety net like Aegon's combo shield with Proxima)
3. Make her keep 40% of her vulnerability debuffs when she turns visible and change her upcoming synergy with Dragon Man to have her keep an additional 20% of vulnerability debuffs increasing it to 60% when turning visible. (Make it less annoying to turn visible)
4. Allow her to carry over her vulnerability debuffs to other fights. (Similar to Captain Marvel and her Binary Charges)

Thanks for reading Kabam and I hope you consider these ideas for a future update!


  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 8,300 ★★★★★
    Reed doesn’t need any changes to be honest, he’s fine
  • Drew_D23Drew_D23 Posts: 12
    Lvernon15 said:

    Reed doesn’t need any changes to be honest, he’s fine

    Torch didn't really need his buff and better to have it than not
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