Kabam buffing champs

We all know that Kabam will be buffing champs to give them a more up to date “ toolkit” however Kabam do need to look at some of the champions they have buffed in the past.

For example Cull obsidian. Kabam have said that cull obsidians damage out put should make up his lower than average block proficiency how ever this isn’t true. His initial fight still takes a bit of time to take down a champ and cull obsidian will lose a significant amount of health in the first fight to point where he is nearly dead. I tested out a 6* r1 cull obsidian in v2 and he only pretty much lasted only 1 fight due to the absurd block damage he takes.

It would make more sense ( if Kabam wants to keep him balanced ) to lower his attack and raise his block proficiency , because right now he’s too fragile to even use.

Another example is ebony maw. I understand he is a character for defensive purposes for the current meta but the “ change” failed to tackle an issue for people who don’t play AW, will find him useless.

Ebony maw should get a buff similar to hulk buster where he has both offensive and defensive abilities.

Although not every champion is going to be god tier , they should be at least useable for content. So it would a good idea if re visit previously buffed champions again.
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