Looking for AQ-focused Alliance (Map 4 and above) | 1.5m rating, Prestige: 10,437 | GMT+8 preferred

Hi, I'm looking for a chill AQ-focused Alliance after the war season ends. Preferably doing map 5 or 4. Not interested in AW, but will participate without any item use. Prefer GMT+8 timezone. Okay with Telegram, not going to download Line or WhatsApp.

Base rating: 1,512,224 (Cavalier)
Prestige: 10,437

Hit me up in game (ID: MieklZK) if you have a spot. Thanks!


  • SlayerzzSlayerzz Posts: 267
    @MeiklZK we really need a member like you. We are a new ally and want to grow, so a member like you will absolutely help us grow, please tag me if you want more information.
  • MieklZKMieklZK Posts: 5
    Sorry I found an alliance!
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